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Re: Arizona Aquatic Gardens

I placed an order with Arizona Aquatic Gardens about 3 months ago and was very
pleased with their service and quality of their merchandise.  When I called, I
he was receiving a shipment or sending a shipment out ( I can't remember), but
he said that he would call back within twenty minutes.  Ten minutes later the
phone rang and he said that he was ready to take my order.  While he didn't
have everything that was listed on the website, he was helpful and made
appropriate suggestions for substitution.  It took them a week to mail out my
order, but it was at my doorstep when promised.  The quality of most of the
plants were incredible, far surpassing what is available here locally.  A pair
of large melon swords looked a bit snail-eaten, but he threw in a medium one
at no charge to make up for it!  Now all three have recovered and are
thriving, as are most of the plants that I ordered (exception being the
Vallisneria).  The leaves of my Java ferns are covered with "baby" plants and
I just  got finished pulling out 5 foot long strands of Cabomba out of my tank
two weeks ago.  I highly recommend them and would definitely order from them
again.  Now if I only had room for another tank.......

>Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 00:14:19 -0500
>From: "jeff coloma" <jeffcoloma at ameritech_net>
>Subject: Arizona Aquatic Gardens and other MOAPP ( Mail Order Aquatic Plant
>Places )
>i was wondering if anyone had any opinions about Arizona Aquatic Gardens,
>and if they have ordered recently from them, and the quality of those plants
>and the service. i've done quite of bit of researching and to me AAG looks
>most promising. i've come across a bunch of positive but short quips from
>the actwin.com site. but i also came across one long and negative quip dated
>in january. i might be just one message but it's got me unsettled about
>handing my money over. i've looked at TAG and got mixed ratings. DA was + in
>consumer service "nice guy thing" but somewhat negative in plant quality. i
>looked at ?driftwood... nice but short on selection. samething with mr.
>quackenbush?. i've got 5 plant tanks...with a biotope ( more or less ) theme
>in each of them and need/want a good selection. which AAG has. but that one
>letter... thanks.