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Re: Arizona Aquatic Gardens and other MOAPP

Funny you should ask, just last week I received my order from Arizona
Aquatic Gardens. Java fern, glossostigma, micro swords, and tiger lotus.
All very healthy, all settling in well.  No snails that I could see and
new growth on all plants.

They were very helpful with my order. I was a little disappointed with
the size of the Java ferns for the price, but they're healthy and bright
green so I can't complain too much. I was warned that the tiger lotus
were partially sprouted bulbs, not full plants, and they now have 8-10
leaves each after being planted for 5 days. They were out of a couple of
things I wanted with no ETA, so the selection you see on their web site
is a little misleading.

2 day priority mail ostensibly sent Friday arrived the following
Wednesday but no worse for the wear despite high temps here and in

I read over the one negative message you mention from the archives, and
Paul had a horrible experience. It was totally contrary to my experience
with AAG, so maybe they were having a bad month. We could always blame
it on El Nino... 

mjshea at earthlink_net

> i was wondering if anyone had any opinions about Arizona Aquatic Gardens,

> the actwin.com site. but i also came across one long and negative quip dated