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>i was wondering if anyone had any opinions about Arizona Aquatic Gardens,
>and if they have ordered recently from them, and the quality of those
>and the service.

I first ordered from them about 2/3 months ago and I was VERY pleased with
the service, selection and quality of the
Not only did I leave a message on their answering machine (with that
dreadful feeling that it would not matter), but within
30 minutes they returned my call.
The plants were gorgeous. I have never seen Java Ferns that large in my
life.  The bare rooted Cryps that I ordered were kind of small, but then
again I payed .99 for each one.
So, in my humble opinion the stock seems to be of good quality.   I have
dealt with Delaware Aquatics in the past, and Renricks ( NEVER WASTE YOUR
TIME OR YOUR MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY), but Arizona Aquatics was the best.
Thomas Vickers
Conroe, Texas