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Re: Selaginella wildenowii


How long, approximately, is "_very_" ?  This unusual plant inticed me when
I saw it.  The two plants that I got had a 6" stem and new roots have
formed (on driftwood).  I've only had these plants two to three months and
they seem to be growing.  They are beautiful and no sign of yellowing out
(underwater and under Triton lighting).  Maybe it's "wishful thinking" or
"wishful growing".  I'll report more in four more months.

Best wishes, 


>Can anyone tell me about this fern?  An aquarium shop in Baltimore (I live
>in Northern Virginia) has this plant and lists it as indifferent to light
>level, aquatic or aquatic-bog, and medium in difficulty to keep.  It seems
>to have ont main stem and a very big leaf.  They suggest a low tank with
>the leaf floating on the surface.  It's dirt cheap and I thought it would
>be interesting in a low-light 2 1/2 or 5 gallon tank with killis.

Karen answered:

This is another non-aquatic, Selaginella wildenowii.  It is sometimes sold
as "elephant ear" fern.  It dies _very_ slowly, but die it does if kept
under water.  I'm not sure if you could keep it in a terrarium either, the
way I've seen it sold.  It usually comes, (like "Princess Pine" -
Lycopodium) without any root system at all.  I'm not sure the single leaves
we see sold in pet stores are a viable start.