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re: Chemical CO2 Systems

Hello Melissa,
    You wrote:
Does anyone have experience with the chemical CO2 generators found in
some mail order catalogs?  The description from That Pet Place's current
catalog follows:

- ---
Ceomat-Low Pressure CO2 System

A chemical storage system for the automatic supply of carbon dioxide
into the aquarium. The carbon dioxide is not stored under pressure in a
bottle, but as a chemical compound. ...
I'm not sure exactly what chemical constiute this CO2 system but here is another fairly easy alternative - regular old sugar, water, and your basic bakers yeast.  Very easy and quite effective.  Aquarium Fish, July 1998 pg 12-14 has a very nice description of how to set up an inexpensive CO2 generator.  Check this out at your local bookstore (it is the recent issue).
Good luck,
Chuck in Atlanta enjoying a break from the heat for now...