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Re:Chemical CO2 Systems

Melissa asked in relation to the Ceomat CO2 system

>Is this an efficient system? Reliable/predictable? Cost-effective?

>Any input appreciated.

I don't know about your first few questions but I doubt it would be
very cost effective.  I see a new system sells for about $130. You
should be able to buy a 5lb CO2 bottle, regulator and needle valve for
about the same amount of money. The real cost issue is in the refills.
As I understand it one of the Ceomat refills is equal to a 250g
bottle. That means one refill of a 5lb bottle would equal 9 of the
Ceomat refills.  I pay $5 to refill by 5lb bottle - the Ceomat refills
are about $6 each.  

Jim Spencer
Sayre, PA

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