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Aquatic Plant Ban

I am curious if everyone out here is aware of the growing state movement
within the USA to ban the possetion and sale of certain aquatic plants
in order to prevent them from being dumped in public water ways, what if
anything is the Aquatic Gardners Association doing about it, and are
fellow readers on this list willing to put any pressure on politicians?

The latest case is Massachuesetts, which is proposing a state law
prohibiting a long list of plants. Here is how to contact the senator
behind bill no. 2171

          Senator Susan Fargo
          SFargo at senate_state.ma.us

          Room 413-F
          State House
          Boston, MA 02133

          Even if you are under voting age, your opinion counts. Protect 
	  your hobby: even if you are not in MA. and let this
Senator             know how you feel!
		Paul H.
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