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Chemical CO2 Systems

I'm sure this has been covered before, but I was unable to find any
answers in the archives.

Does anyone have experience with the chemical CO2 generators found in
some mail order catalogs?  The description from That Pet Place's current
catalog follows:

Ceomat-Low Pressure CO2 System

A chemical storage system for the automatic supply of carbon dioxide
into the aquarium. The carbon dioxide is not stored under pressure in a
bottle, but as a chemical compound. The CO2 is released by a controlled
chemical reaction with water. The Ceomat can be used as a stand alone
unit or coupled with a solenoid valve for night shut off or with a pH
controller. Ceomat includes a reactor, CeoPack CO2 chemicals for two
fillings, bubble counter, tubing and holding system for mounting.
Fertilize your plants and adjust the pH in fresh or saltwater aquariums.

Is this an efficient system? Reliable/predictable? Cost-effective?

Any input appreciated.

Melissa Shea
mjshea at earthlink_net