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RE: Slate Background

One question Jeff. You can actually see the back wall of your tank?;-) 

Gee folks, this type of background has been around for a long time,
thought everyone knew about it. Guess not. I've done somewhere around 25
or 30 like this (some were mine, most were for other people), started
doing them for fish only Cichlid tanks. If you really want to make it
look natural and lifelike, wait until the silicone cures, and then glue
some bog wood to the rocks, just below the surface. Looks like roots and
downed limbs. If your interested I have pictures and an instruction
sheet that I wrote for a buddy in Wyoming. Just drop me a note, off
line, and I'll shoot you a copy. The instruction sheet includes some
precautions and tips, that might save you some work and a lot of

Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl     Where it hit 98 degrees again today.
augiee at bellsouth_net