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Fountain plant/Acorus


     I posted a question a while back about the plant cyperus helferi and
got many great responses.  I'm still looking for a grass like plant that
would do well in a low light environment.  I found several possibilities
in the Dennerle:System for a problem-free aquarium book many AGA members
have.  Specifically, the various Fountain plants of which there are 4
species listed in the book and the various Acorus plants of which there
are 3 species listed.   Anyone have any personal info. on how these
plants do in a low light tank.  Would these plants grow submersed for a
year or more without needing to be refreshed with emerse growth.  I will
list the common names of the species I am interested in below. Or if
anyone knows how to get some.  We don't have a lot of variety at our LFS
in Kansas.

-japanese rush
-variegated japanese rush
-dwarf japanese rush

Fountain Plant
-fountain plant (aka mondo grass)
-dwarf fountain plant (aka dwarf mondo grass)
-variegated fountain plant
-giant fountain plant

Thanks in advance,

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