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Re: Backgrounds

Here's an idea to meet both the slate background and the spray paint mode.

Paint the back of the tank.  I never tape it off, I just set the thing upside
down and spray downward from the center outward.  I've never noticed any
overspray on the sides, and who looks at the bottom much anyway?

Get a piece of 1/8inch (3 mm) plexiglass.  Cut it to fit the inside of the
tank against the back wall, and allowing a lillte room for the substrate.
Glue the rock collection to this. 

If you don't like the paint job, disrupt the tank just enough to get the sheet
of plexi in and shove a little gravel against it after it is in place.

Just a thought.  And I wouldn't mind a copy of that list of plant sellers on
the web.

Bob Dixon