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CO2 diffusion

> Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 17:49:49 EDT
> From: BErney1014 <BErney1014 at aol_com>
> Subject: CO2 diffusion
> Bruce wrote:
> Could I squeeze in a quick question. I recently switched to bottled co2, nupro
> needle etc. The pH won't come down below 7.5. My plants are doing poorly and
> at 1 bubble/sec I guess I should have better results. The yeast worked fine.
> Is it possible the co2 is bad? Filled at fire extinguisher shop. I notice the
> bubbles do not lessen in size like I've read other people have witnessed. I've
> tried all sorts of diffuser tricks too like holding the bubbles, ultra fine
> dispersion, with no change in results..
> Bruce
> Bruce,

Initially it sounds to me like the CO2 is not getting enough contact time to
be absorbed by the water, but some questions first:

What size aquarium is this?  How are you disbursing the CO2?  What is the raw water
pH compared to the aquarium water?  The refill you received at the fire extinguisher
shop _should_ be fine, but you might call them and check on the refill.  If your
cylinder does not clearly indicate CO2 labeling they could have filled it with oxygen!