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Re: plants for paludaria

Cliff Lundberg asked:

> Are there interesting and obtainable plants for which
> a paludarium is the optimal environment?

Many of the plants we grow in aquariums grow as well or better if they can
get their leaves above water in a paludarium.  I grew spathyphyllum sp.
("brasilian swords"), Cryptocoryne wendtii and one of the larger anubies
(possibly lanceolata) in a paludarium.  They burgeoned.  Interestingly,
the C. wendtii was planted in an area where the soil surface was above
water and it never did spread far into the area where the substrate was
covered by water.

Many of the plants sold for terrariums will also work well in paludariums,
as will some house plants (as long as "good drainage" isn't a prerequisite
for keeping the plant).  If you really wanted something to take over, I
imagine that a common philodendron would fill that bill.

Roger Miller