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Re: George's Sensible Summary

Merrill Cohen wrote:

> Even in the "Reef" aquariums, it is coming down to the "KISS" principle for
> overall best results.  I say to do the same and encourage the hobbyist by
> making it much more simple instead of trying to make chemists out of
> everyone.  Success will breed success for anyone that is interested.
> However, if chemistry is your "thing", then whatever "turns you on"!
> Encourage others into the hobby by Keeping It Simple"!

The only truly simple approach to keep a plant aquarium is the Dupla
approach.  Buy everything from Dupla and your success is almost guaranteed.

But for many people the Dupla approach is just too expensive.
For others, they like the satisfaction dervived from doing things their
own way.  So we tinker with soil, peat, PMDD, kitty litter.  For the
low tech approach, it is essential to know the chemistry in order to
keep things managable, and knowing chemistry makes tank keeping simplier,
not more complex.

Louis Lin