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Re: George's Sensible Summary

George "hit the nail on the head" with his following question:
"With the modern day need for instant gratification, I think people are
for the "instant on" approach where plants will be growing robustly right
the git-go.  Many search for the magic formula, whether it's Alphabet Soup 
substrates or Dollar Gobbling High Tech. Is the magic formula simply
<snip> <snip> <snip>
"The high tech approach is [un]naturally better "balanced" since we
actively do 
the balancing by throwing money at the problem.  WE control the pH, WE
the nitrates, etc." 

It comes down to patience, a "green thumb" and even an artistic approach --
but mainly pleasing ourselves.  However, WE make our own problems by doing
too much without waiting -- expecting immediate results.  Even two
aquariums of the same size, next to each other will be different --
depending on the fish, lighting, etc.; even if you try to make them exactly
alike in water quality.  If making "Alphabet Soup substrates" is your
pleasure, then you must put up with many of the sad results that are
reported everyday in this digest.  

Even in the "Reef" aquariums, it is coming down to the "KISS" principle for
overall best results.  I say to do the same and encourage the hobbyist by
making it much more simple instead of trying to make chemists out of
everyone.  Success will breed success for anyone that is interested. 
However, if chemistry is your "thing", then whatever "turns you on"! 
Encourage others into the hobby by Keeping It Simple"!

Aquatic Gardeners Association