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Re: ballast for 24" T8

> From: "Robert NG" <97ngrobe at scar_utoronto.ca>
> does anyone know if there is any ballast that can run 4, 24inch, t-8

These are electronic ballasts that can run 4 F17T8 lamps:

Fulham Co Inc , 800-238-5426
     Product Number: FEP900 120 432L
GE Lighting , 800-626-2000
     Product Number: G4-RL-T8-1LL-120;
     Product Number: G4-RN-T8-1LL-120
Motorola Lighting Inc, 800-654-0089
     Product Number: M4-RL-T8-1LL-120;
     Product Number: M4-RN-T8-1LL-120

You can find more information on lamps and ballasts at 
http://light-link.com/index.html; you might want to go there to 
double check these part no.s.

-Ted H