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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #185

Okay, Tom, I'll see what info I can share.

Thomas writes:

<< My Question is are.  Before adding plants should I turn off the
> undergravel filter and use the powerheads for watermovement?

I don't know.  While most of the "experts" on the list prefer not to use UGFs
because they move the water through too fast for prper nutruent fixong, George
Booth, who is one of the more successful aquatic gardeners does occasionally
uses them with good success.

> Is  the substrate two thick? 

5 inches is pretty thick, but not too thick.  For optimum plant growth you
need to get something more than just gravel into it.  Laterite, local red
clays if available, and kitty litter are on the list of prefered additives.

> If not how do I keep the substrate from turning anoxic if the ugf filter
isn't running?

Anoxic is not a problem, anaerobic is.  The plants will transport oxygen down
the roots to use it as needed.

>Oviously the PH and the KH are too low Does this have to do with the fact
that I >couldn't get a reading on the Co2 in the tank water?

The pH and KH are just fine.  

>  I thought that central Ohio's water was high Ph and KH because all the
limestone, >which is calciumcarbonate. The GH seems to be just alittle high.
Should I remove >the peat from the powerfilter.

Peat will soften and acidify the water, so I guess it is what you are
comfortable with.  

>I plan on makeing some PMDD from recipes in the archives. 
> Any thoughts on geting my water parameters in line for plants?>
My thoughts are just leave the parameters alone.

Bob Dixon