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Peat w/ hard H2O / K. Randall have home page?

Neil Frank wrote:

> It would be interesting to hear people's experiences with peat and   > > hard water

I have *very* hard water. When I first started my
substrate tank, my plants turned a clear shade of brown
and the leaves soon melted away. I am guessing that there
were some toxins in my substrate. I did some water
changes and the problem was solved. My plants are
thriving now, I only wish i had more room to plant. That
"plant melt-down" will probably not come back... (knock
on hard water).

Roger Miller wrote:

>  On the other hand... I had a ugf-equipped tank with a 5-6 inch thick
>  substrate and after about 6 years I reduced that to 3 inches.

On the other hand... I have different fingers.  ;-)

Karen, I was wondering if you happen to have a home page
I can visit and learn from. BTW, im going to try that
riccia+java moss too-very interesting.