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My own very limited experience with a substrate gravel mixture designed
for use in ponds suggests that these might be reasonable things to use
in planted aquariums. The one I tried contained a small amount of peat,
some crushed volcanic material (possibly iron containing) and some trace
elements. The texture was relatively coarse and so would present few
problems with cloudiness and you could freely uproot plants with this
kind of substrate with few problems. Fine textured materials are far
superior in nutrient adsorption and mineral availability but can pose
temporary problems with cloudiness when uprooting large plants. 

Beyond that I don't know. It would be helpful to know the ingredients of
Arcilite and the proportions.

As a replacement for laterite, the properties will certainly be quite
different from laterite (this time I'm just going to leave it at that

Steve P.
Aquatic Gardeners Association