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			More stupid questions, please bare with me,
		I have found Arcilite, sold as Profile Aquatic Plant Soil.
		is this a suitable alternative to Laterite?  Grain size is that 
		of a medium fine sand.Obviously I will mix it with 
		a gravel, one I've found is a black volcanic gravel in a 
		marine aquaria shop locally. It looks to be adequite.
		As for water, I don't our tap water in Ft. Lauderdale 
		because of its' greenish yellow tint. However, I will 
		retrieve the specs on it from the water dept. asap
		(good advice)   Should I add anything else to the 
		substrata or will this simple mix do? Also, I have a
		Magnum 350 power filter which seems to be a bit large
		for my needs and way too noisy. Noise levels in the 
		aquarium is a factor I am accutely sencitive too,
		not to mention the plants and fish. Do I even need a filter
		for the very small population of fish I will have, 5 at 
		most.?     thanks again to all the responces