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Bad sand?

After some discussion in the NG's about my two tanks, the one that
everything dies and the one nothing will grow in. I am beginning to think
that the sand must be the reason. Both have kitty litter bases with sand
over that. The KL came out to the same bag so I think that would eliminate

The sand in the problem tank was #3 sandblasting sand. It was gray in color
and had some black flecks in it. I didn't like the color but used it anyway.
Anyone have any ideas what might be wrong or what might be in this sand? Has
anyone else seen experienced this?  The other tank has sand that I collected
off a creek bank nearby.

At this point I an thinking that I am going to have to tear this one down
again and start over.

Jeff <*\\><
 Mt. 4:19 And he saith unto them, Follow me,
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