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Brown Amazon Swords

I have just set up a 20 gallon to grow cuttings etc in. This tank has a pH
of 6.8 and a kH of 3.5 and DYI CO2. The substrate is a garden earth, non
humus purchased black earth mixed with fine sand and then covered with about
1" of #1 silica sand ( sand blast sand ) This tank sits on a 13 foot bench
in a row of tanks that have three 4 foot 4 tube fluorescent fixtures (134
watts a fixture ). There is no fish load as of yet. I also give the tank a
weekly shot of Conlins PMDD. All the cuttings etc are transpiring and
looking great with lots of bubbles coming off them when I get home from
work. EXCEPT...

When planting that tank I moved two 6" Amazon Swords from the community tank
that didn't seem to be doing very well. The leaves were constantly turning
brown. I though that by moving them to the hopefully ideal tank that they
would recover. After 2 weeks there is no sign of greening up and they
continue to get browner. BTW the community tank is CO2 injected with just a
#3 gravel bottom and gets a weekly shot of PMDD.

Any ideas what could be the problem. The info said they prefer a lower light
level. Could the light intensity be too much ??

Any thoughts would be appreciated.