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Re: Cheaper lighting and Moss ID

In issue #146, Jim Wilson was looking for a cheaper alternative to lighting
his four tanks than $15.00 per individual fixtures. One option, for example,
if he had 4 fifteen gallon tanks (24" long each) would be to set up the
tanks end to end and use one 48" fixture over each pair of tanks. I have
done this many times and it works well. 48" fluorescent fixtures and tubes
are cheaper than two 24" fixtures and tubes.


Also in #146,  Jeff Kudzu(??) was having a problem ID'ing an aquatic moss
which he had collected in a local creek. It would be helpful if in his post
he had told us where he lives, as this list does have members on several
continents, but from his description of the plant as resembling cedar
leaves, I would venture that it is a species of Willow Moss, family
Fontinalaceae, which is composed of three different genera - Fontinalis,
Brachelyma and Dichelyma. The family is pretty cosmopolatin in distribution
and I have seen in in various streams here in Canada. The most commonly
available species (at least where I live) is Fontinalis antipyretica and it
thrives in cooler (around 68 degrees F) water, attaching itself to rocks and
sunken wood. It is a true moss.

James Purchase
jpurch at interlog_com