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research ideas

What kind of research would be useful to aquatic plant people?

Here are some ideas that have already been tossed around:

photos of nutrient deficiency symptoms (Paul Krombholz)
investigation of CEC effects in the substrate (Matthew Mason)
calcium requirements of various plant species (Steve Pushak)
effects of soil substrates on plant growth (Diana Walstad)
fish food as a sustainable nutrient source (Diana Walstad)
nutrient content of various substrate materials (Steve Pushak)
nutrient diffusion rates of clay and other materials (Steve Pushak)
calibration and comparison of test kits (Steve Pushak)
photos of algae for identification (George Booth)

I'd like to hear more ideas and I'd like to explore ways and means of
facilitating research into these topics. The goal of such research
should be to share the results with aquatic plant enthusiasts and to
teach interested people how to conduct practical investigations.

I invite you to share your ideas here on the APD. When things get
technical it may be useful to form committees. I think it is appropriate
that we get as many people involved with this as possible. I suggest we
ask for volunteers to act as committee facilitators.

Steve Pushak