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research ideas

I've had a few ideas come in from folks by email. I don't have the time
to respond right now but hopefully I'll have time to do that this

I've mentioned in the past that AGA is involved in sponsoring research,
primarily in the area of providing technical guidance. My plan is to
solicit interest from the APD and channel some of the interested folks
into the AGA projects. 

Experiments involving growth measurements are *particularly* _difficult_
to perform in a way that allows you to make statistically valid
conclusions and my thinking is that those interested in that would
probably best be involved with Diana's calcium study and another
comparative growth study experiment. That study group has already been
working and thinking about growth studies for quite a while and has some
really good folks involved including Rob Kronlund, a research

I know of a number of individuals who prefer to operate independently of
AGA and I want to encourage them and help get small groups of interested
people into email discussion groups (online or offline the APD). 

I also have in mind some relatively easy experiments that don't involve
aquariums and growing plants, just making periodic measurements of
nutrients in sample jars over the span of a month or two.

All in all I'm just tossing around ideas and stirring things up to see
what's hiding in the mud!! ;-) hee-hee

Steve Pushak
Aquatic Gardeners Association