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Dupla heating cables

I am considering the purchase of a Dupla heating cable system and having a 
little confusion as to what to order. I was looking at 
http://www.dalecombp.com/heaters/ and am uncertain has to what, and how many 
of each item is needed.

The target tank is 225 gallons (72Lx24Dx28H), room temp is 72-76F, lamps 
usually keep the water around 76-80F, depending on the season. I was housing 
goldfish in it, so it has never been heated. I assume I need:

1 Duplaflex S1000
1 Duplamat 250w (any advantage to getting the 300w?)
? cable anchors, no clue how many
heater controller (that Tunze is sure more appealing at $600 less than the 
Dupla, it there another option?)

Daleco also lists a Dupla heating cable system in FAMA for 200 gallon tank 
that is only $480 with cables, transformer, anchors and Tunze controller. Is 
there a major disadvantage to using the smaller 200 gallon system? Spending 
several hundred $ less is very appealing.

Is there a better source for Dupla stuff at a better price that I've missed?

Maybe all these questions will spark some life into APD:-)

Jon Wilson