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Fertilizer poisoning my fish???

You know those "Good news/Bad news" stories...

Good news: After a 2 year search, I finally found a store carrying the 
elusive Siamese Algea Eater. After checking my notes gathered off of the 
Krib and this group, and being convinced that these really were THE SAEs, I 
picked up a dozen of them for my 75 gallon tank. At the same time, I 
decided to also pick up some fertilizer high in K, as I thought my tank was 
potassium defficient. Tetra Initial Sticks 1-0-25 appeared to fit the bill 
well, so I picked up a box.

Bad news: The directions said to burry the sticks in the gravel bed. Not 
wanting to risk contaminating my tank (I had been playing paintball earlier 
in the day, so my arms were dirty), I foolishly decided to drop the sticks 
directly onto the gravel.

Good news: Shortly after adding the fertilizer, my plants started bubbling. 
With them happy, I was happy.

Bad news: As the sticks started to break up into a dusty covering, my brand 
new SAEs began to EAT the partially dissolved fertilizer sticks!!! Not to 
be outdone, my pl*co started digging in also. Pretty soon, everybody was 
making a meal out of the Tetra Sticks. Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!

Good news: I know, I just KNOW, that somebody out there can tell me what I 
should do about this. 

Is there any antidote? Do I induce vomiting? Do I give them milk? 

Is this a problem or am I just being an overprotective dad?

Thanks in advance for any help,