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Hello all...

I certainly have difficulty in describing this list as boring, BUT, one has
to realize that being away from the hobby for over 30 years has left the
grey matter in a very challenged state, especially with all the changes in
technology, and loss of brain cells due to aging :-)

Steve I realize that perhaps you might find a lot of the threads repetitious
etc. but people like myself really count on experienced hobbyists such as
yourself to help us get going so that we can perhaps achieve higher levels
of competence etc. I know that you have replied to a couple of emails of
mine that have been very helpful.

This is one of the best lists that I have subscribed to since I have been on
the internet as I hardly ever see a query etc. go unanswered.

ON with the list :-)

Vernon in rainy Moncton New Brunswick...still with lot's of snow.