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Flourite Update

I setup a new tank using Flourite 4 months ago.
Once the tank matured, my plants are doing OK,
considering that I don't use CO2. 

I have crypts and amazon swords.

Reading an article by Amano, his theory is that bacterial
needs to establish itself in the substrate, or else
you get root rot. This is also what happened to my new
tank. But recent plant additions are doing well.

So when setting up a new tank, I would let it mature before
putting plants in. Amano also sells a product to seed the
substrate with bacteria. 

One thing I like about Flourite, is that you don't have to
worry about layering, or disturbing the substrate. Stirring up
Flourite does create some cloudiness, but it settles quickly. 

When I used laterite before, it really made a mess when stirred

So I'm really happy with Flourite, the downside being the shipping