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Re: New web page with fluorescent light spectra

>Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 10:13:31 -0500
>From: "Louis Lin" <lhclin at aw_sgi.com>
>Subject: Re: New web page with fluorescent light spectra

>Thanks Hoa for your great comparison chart.  I have been using
>the GE Daylight Ultra mixed with other tubes for over two years
>with good growth (3 Daylight Ultra + 1 Plant and Aquarium +
>2 Design 50).  I personally even prefer the blue look of the
>Daylight Ultra over the more greenish full spectrum Design 50.

>I have one question.  For the VitaLite Power Twist and Plant
>and Aquarium, the spectrum of the two tubes look very similar,
>yet visually they look very different.  What's the reason behind

>Louis Lin

The spectra are hard to interpret sometimes.  I thought about writing a 
program to convert these color spectra into amplitude vs. wavelength graphs,
but didn't do it because I was afraid people would then put too much
weight on these crudely made, uncalibrated spectra.  (I made these with
a slit cut in a large cardboard, a diffraction filter, and a digital
camera.)  However, just comparing the VitaLite and Plant & Aquarium
spectra, I can see that the VitaLite has more green to the right of the
central green band, while the Pl/Aq has a much broader red area.  
These two are actually easier to detect the differences than some other