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Clown Loach Eating Plants?

   I have been noticing that all my sword plants in my 29 gal tank were
getting holes through out one or two leaves apiece.  I had suspected my Chines
algae Eater because I have been warned that they sometimes can attack plants.
Today when I woke up I heard a very annoying clicking sound from the tank. I
turned the tank light on and waited for it to start again. The gang of 3 three
clown loaches were attacking a helpless sword leaf! It amazed me to hear this
load clicking noise and see a new hole appear where they just attacked. I
looked on many online info source before I bought these rather expensive gems
(clown loaches, $12 each) and nothing indicated to me that they attacked

   My question is has anybody else experienced this same phenomenon? (Did I
just miss that paragraph that describes their vegetarian diet?)