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Re: CO2

Roger S. Miller wrote:

>> And a bottle of yeast mix is a lot smaller than a
tank+regulator+needle valve and so easier to live with and easier to

A 2L bottle isn't much smaller than a 5lb CO2 bottle and I found the
CO2 bottle much easier to tuck away in the aquarium stand. You don't
have to fool with it every other day or be concerned about temperature
or distance from the tank.

>>If it weren't for the horror stories I've read on this list I'd
never mention the fact that yeast is also safer than bottled liquid
CO2 for people and for aquariums.

With the least bit of care CO2 cylinders are perfectly safe to use.
You could say that yeast bottles are unsafe because the cork may blow
off and put your eye out.  As far as the aquarium goes I experienced
far greater ph swings with the inconsistent output of yeast bottles
than I ever did with the CO2 cylinder.

>>Besides, messing with things is part of the fun of the hobby, isn't

Not when it gets in the way of enjoying working with my plants. I like
the DIY approach having used it for the stand, the hood, substrate
heating, CO2 reactor, fertilizer and my ph meter.  While the yeast
method did show me the importance of adding CO2, I found the constant
fiddling with the yeast bottles(because of the inconsistent output and
variable life), was distracting me from concentrating on my plants.

As far as the hobby goes, I consider the $124 I spend for the CO2
bottle and regulator one of the best investments I made.
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