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RE: Driftwood conditioning

>From: "Jefferson Ong" <jeff at netasia_net>

>Now my problem is that even after these treatments they still stain water
>brown.  They keep releasing humic.   I would love to have these as decor
>but they just turn my water a light brown & I want mine crystal clear.  Any
>ideas on get rid of treat this???

I had bad staining from boogwood.  I boiled and boiled it but the boiling
water still stayed brown.  I drilled a hole and put the particles in warm
water and it immediately turned brown, so showing that there was a lot in
there still.  I gave u, removed the bogwoodp and did many changes of water,
and the stain is now hasrdly noticable.  My dealer recommended using Yacht
Varnish varnish to seal the wood and I am experimenting with that.  I will
report in a couple of months.

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