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Re: driftwood conditioning

>Date: 07 Feb 98 17:10:59 EST
>From: Susan.C.Jorgensen at Dartmouth_EDU (Susan C. Jorgensen)
>Subject: driftwood conditioning
>I was hoping someone could tell me how to condition scavenged driftwood so
>it sinks.  I saw it somewhere in the last few weeks, but now I can't find any
>I'm *more* than a newbie here, so bear with me. This may have been discussed
>before, but I searched the archives and couldn't find any
My dealer sells rolls of zinc sheet for weighing down wood.  (Don't use
lead!).  Boil the wood to get rid of pathogens.

Try my Web Site at http://www.netcomuk.co.uk/~lachlan/timber.html which is
on the History and Construction of Medieval Timber-Framed Houses.