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Re: Java Moss

>Do you know if you can attach it to rocks also?  I have a flat rock that I
>think would look great with a carpet of Java Moss on it, but I don't know
>if it will stick.  Anyone have any experience with this?
>Matt Kowske
>xc at innocent_com

The one I had in a previous tank attached itself to everything
except for the glass. It had almost like little suction cups at the
end of the "fibers" to attach itself. Then it grew deeper into driftwood
for better attachment. I imagine it will attach itself to your rock,
unless it's some very glossy and smooth. You can probably start by
putting a buch by the side of the rock, and stick one end under the
rock so it doesn't float. If it likes the rock it should develop its
own attachments in less than two weeks.

It will also try to grow over some of your other plants, so you will
have to control it a bit. It also grows perfectly fine on the gravel.
Just weight it down by sticking a few strands under the gravel,
and it will soon attach itself. The good thing about this approach is
that whenever you want to move it, it will come off with the gravel 
attached, so it will just sink into its new position :)