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Re:Snails hatching from plants

Adam Swinemar <adamsw at ican_net> Wrote:


I guess the plants I got at the pet store weren't treated for snail eggs
because I am looking into my tank of mollies and... there are snails.  I
know I should be treating my plants (will a solution of alum work??)

As an aside, are snails that bad??

No Snails are quite useful, Malaysian Trumpets are real nice for oxygenating
the substrate. Others are great algae eaters. Some though will eat your
plants. If your growth is optimal this may be acceptable. The main problem
with snails IMHO is that if you have to medicate the tank, many medicines will
kill off the snails, and then you have a fouled tank on your hands. I find
that it is best to keep snails at a minimum. They can overtake a tank. Clown
Loaches and skunk loaches do a fantastic job. If you want to keep a few large
ones the skunk loach I have will only eat the small ones.
Best to you..........

Ric Cooney, N3BRB
Aquatic Gardeners Association