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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #70

Bob Dixon wrote:

> James wrote:
> << I considered an =
> > RO system, but was concerned about the amount of wastewater generated, =
> > since I am also on a well >>
> >>
> This is just a thought and I don't know as it is valid or legal, but couldn't
> you run the waste back to the well?  The harder water and the excess Cu would
> then flow into the water table, and buildup in your well would be minimal.  I

Putting the RO waste back into a well is a Bad Idea.  Even if the wellhead
design allows it, the wastewater would be pumped out and reused the next
time the pump came on.  Besides, returning water through a well is a
regulated behavior in most places in the US and requires special permits.

There might be other uses for the water.  For instance, it could be used
for irrigation (depending on quality, season and local) used in a "grey
water" system or stored for washdown (driveways, cars and so on).

Roger Miller