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Re: Aqua Journal Review

 Far be it from me to get in the middle of a word exchange, but I just had to comment on
the Aqua Journal. I am an unabashed fan of Amano so I'm not sure how biased my opinion
is of his new english version of the Aqua Journal.
 That said, its awesome. Actually, that's kind of an understatement. Whatever words you
would use to describe his books are applicable here, only I enjoyed the Aqua Journal
more because it has very interesting articles as well.  56 pages loaded with his
incredible pictures. The theme this issue is stem plants. There is an article that shows
a five step sequence on trimming stem plants (with 12 pictures on 2 pages). Other
articles are on an Amazon excursion, CO2, Questions and Answers, a very good article by
Neil Frank, and a few other notes here and there.
  The advertising is minimal and all of it is his products, but even these are done with
good taste. For example, one of his products is a new (at least to me) algae and plant
disease product, and I will quote from the ad, .
"Phyton-git has many applications associated with the prevention of plant diseases and
bacteria control. It can be effectively used to eradicate various strains of algae
including green algae, beard algae and blue green algae..."    Ad or not, I suspect
that's good news to many on this list. Certainly worth an unbiased review if it's
available yet.
  The Aqua Journal is the highest of quality, a cross between a magazine and a book,
first class all the way. The only thing missing is kitty litter.
Dan Quackenbush
All Aquatic Plants