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Re: Aqua Journal Review

Mr. Gomberg,

> Given the length of your post I would sure like to know who these people
> are.
Perhaps you are not aware of the popularity of Mr. Amano's work, but I'm quite sure
that Art is not just saying this to post an "advertisement" as you imply. Not all
persons behave unscrupulously. It is also good to note that in the post he did
apologize for the length. Though I don't note any apologetic tone in yours when you
decided to trash him.

> In other words, the fox writes a review of a hen-house design book.

I don't believe that this is necessary as Art was not hiding his affiliation with
the Aqua Design company.

> Mr. Giacosa, there is no doubt that Amano does good plants and pics.  But
> we do not need a 100 line ad for his products here.  I think this post is
> in extremely poor taste.  Now if you send me a copy of the mag, I will
> review it for the list in an unbiased manner.  You might also send a copy
> to George Booth.
> - --
> Dave Gomberg

I thought your post was in extremely poor taste in fact down right rude and
insinuating. I don't doubt for a minute that there are that many people asking Art
about Amano's products as I've seen them doing it myself in live conferences on
FishNet. I also don't doubt that there were a number of people on this list that
were interested in Arts posting also. If you didn't care to read it you could have
easily scrolled past it.

Art is a very nice person that spends a great deal of his free time offering free
help and advice to persons interested in aquatic plants. I find it very offensive to
see him attacked in this manner. I find it a lot more offensive than his message
about Amanos magazine could ever be.