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Seachem Flourish Contents

I looked in the archives and didn't find any reference to the trace
element contents in Seachem Flourish, so I asked Seachem for them and got
a rapid response from Leo.  I heard that they are printed on the new
bottles but for those of us still working on an old bottle of this
concentrated stuff:

All units in mg/L:
 Ca, 1800;
 Mg, 1100;
 Co, 4;
 Cu, 1.2;
 Fe (ferrous), 5800;
 Mn, 50;
 Mo, 20;
 Zn, 4.4;
 Va, 0.25;
 Ru, 1;
 I, 1;
 Br, 1;
 K, 600;
 Amino Acid chelates, 6000 (nitrogen equivalent 400).  

I am impressed by the complexity of the mixture; there are some things
here I didn't even know were really necessary.  (I guess the question is,
are they?)  My one concern is the lack of boron.  I've used Flourish for
some time now with no apparent deficiencies , but if I do see a problem I
think adding boron is the first thing I'll try.

Any comments on this formula?