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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #51

On January 27, 1998 Paul Krombholz wrote:

> >Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 22:32:32 +0000
> >From: A M Moore <andy at ascot_u-net.com>
> >Subject: Deformed Amazon Swords ?
> >
> >Has anyone ever come across a situation where the leaves of their Amazon
> >Sword plants start growing narrow and start curling up along the edges ?
> >These are established leaves on the plant - not new ones.......
> It is hard to see how an established leaf could become more narrow except
> by dying from the edges inward towards the midrib.

I have seen what I think is the symptom that Andy describes.  The older
leaves become noticably narrower as they age.  In extreme cases they
almost collapse all the way to the midvein.  On my plant the leaves also
became very rigid.  The narrowing was due in part to the small creases or
folds running the length of the leaves.  The leaf tissue may also have
thickened a little.

This preceded and accompanied a few other symptoms that I've posted about
here before. I haven't seen the older leaves shrink like that since I
started circulating water in the substrate.

Roger Miller