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Fertilizer beneath filter?

I'm setting up another 75 gal planted tank. I've had good luck with
adding my own micronutrient mix that I add directly to the water. This
time, I'm thinking of putting gravel above an undergravel filter (which
will not be running) and adding the micronutrient mix to the dead space
under the filter plate via one of the uplift tubes. The uplift tube
extends above the water so any liquid added is forced under the UG

My question is: does anyone have experience with this setup and do you
think this will be more effective since the micronutrients will be added
more directly to the roots instead of to the water?

I have 240 watts of light over the tank and add CO2 from a CO2 tank.
Thanks for any advise.

Shiao Y. Wang
University of Southern Mississippi
sywang at whale_st.usm.edu