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Re: Fertilizer beneath filter?

<< This
> time, I'm thinking of putting gravel above an undergravel filter (which
> will not be running) and adding the micronutrient mix to the dead space
> under the filter plate via one of the uplift tubes. The uplift tube
> extends above the water so any liquid added is forced under the UG
> filter. >>
If the filter is not running, the fertiliser will just sit in the uplift tube
if its specific gravity is 1.0 or lower, or seep down to the plenum under the
plate and lay there if the SG is greater than 1.0  For this idea to be
effective, the uplift tube should be converted to a "downlift" tube.  There is
an article about an air-powered reverse-flow UGF posted in the Krib, that can
be adapted to any standard "Factory" UGF.  Give it a look.

Bob Dixon