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Questions: Telanthera, Kent mixture

Hi all,

Two unrelated questions:

1)  A few weeks ago I bought a stem plant called Telanthera.  It is very
red and in shape looks quite a bit like Hygrophila polysperma except the
leaves are longer and more pointed.  I found this plant on the big plant
list at the Krib but have not found any mention of it on any of the lists
that give more information.  It is mentioned a couple of times in the
archives, but never with any real information.

Does someone know about this plant, or know where to point me for information?

BTW, the plant seems to be doing well -- it is putting of O2 bubbles like
mad (it's in the direct light of a south window) and has grown considerably
since I got it.

2)  This recent post started me thinking:

>If you use Kents micronutrients stay with it but supplement
>using potassium nitrate and probably potassium sulphate as

I've been using Kent Freshwater Plant mixture (until I finish off the stuff
and get the ingredients for PMDD), and have had symptoms that sound like
potassium deficiency.  Is the Kent mixture known to be deficient in
potassium?  I searched the archives for this as well -- there seemed to be
such a pattern but I never saw it stated explicitly.  (Perhaps I should
say, there seemed to be a pattern of people who used Kent and had symptoms
that are characteristic of potassium deficiency.)


Chetlen Crossnoe
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