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Re: Dreaded blue-green

RiceGuy wrote about his blue green algae horrors:
Although this has bee n covered before I'll throw in my opinions
in the name of civility.
I think most agree that using the antibiotic approach is not a
long-lasting solution. Conventional wisdom suggests that tipping
the nutrient balance in favor of nitrates works best in the long
run. If you use Kents micronutrients stay with it but supplement
using potassium nitrate and probably potassium sulphate as
well. This is basically a Sears-Conlin method. Their paper is in
the Krib. A *must* read for any plant enthusiast.
Remember to dose carefully and use the Randall observation
technique - *watch your plants*!
I havent posted for awhile - it's been pretty hot here in the
plant cyber sphere!

Marshall Wilkinson
Calgary Alberta