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Re: filterless tank

Hi Don,

I have attempted a filterless planted tank and found it trying. My intention
was to have the minimal wiring to the tank. I tried just having one
fluorescent tube on a timer, without a hood, and placed the tank on a south
facing window. The tank is 10 gal. 2 inch substrate kitty litter/sand. The
plants were ok. The fish - only 2 neon tetras, 1 black molly and 1 guppy. No
heater, no filter.

However The problem is the lack of water circulation. Fish poo just sat
whereever it landed - mostly on leaves. After a while, I decided to put a
filter back on. Now I am very happy with it. I have a filter that hangs on
the side of the tank. I put in a piece of sponge as the filter. The return
flow is deflected with a piece of plastic to create more circulation. Things
look good now. I haven't done a water change since November, though one in a
while I wash the sponge. 

I have tried CO2 before, and if your bottle is hooked up to the tank air
tight, you can put it through a sandstone.

bchin at mit_edu