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Re: Trapa Natans

Dear Friend of Aquatic Plants:

This plant is probably incorrectly known as "Water Chestnut Plant" -- a
floating plant which requires lots of light and does best in an outdoor
pond.  It will grow in the aquarium with lots of light, particularly MH. 
In Christel Kasselmann's book "Aquarienpflanzen" (in German) you will find
more material on this plant along with a good photograph.  This is the best
I could do for you as it is not seen much here.  I brought mine back from
Europe and is available from Tropica in Denmark and other plant growers in

Good luck.


Alexander Savitsky wrote:
> >Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 02:08:43 +0200
> >From: "Alexander L. Savitsky" <sava at blizzard_sabbo.kiev.ua>
> >To: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com
> >Subject: Trapa Natans articles
> >
> >Dear Colleagues!
> >Now I am working under the article about Trapa natans in Kyiv region
> >and will be very much obliged for the possibility to find or obtain
> >literature references and articles about this plant.