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ARO F01 needle valve problem

I finally found a local supplier of the ARO F01 needle
valve, and thought that my CO2 system was complete.  I 
got everything hooked up, with the airline going into a
bucket of water for testing.  When I opened the regulator
to its minimum stable pressure (< 1 psi, the gauge doesn't
really measure that low) and turned the F01 for minimum
flow rate, I got about 4 bubbles per second.  Opening the
valve wide open, the flow rate perhaps doubled.

I was very surprised that the valve would not close all
way.  Did I get the wrong valve?  Is this one defective?

Also, does anyone else out there have a problem with 
clown loaches attacking plants?  They take nibbles out
of the newest, most tender leaves of my swords, and
have nearly destroyed my giant val.  Meanwhile, they 
completely ignore the trumpet and ramshorn snails,
though they have eliminated the pond snails entirely.

David Ozenne
Berkeley, CA