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Re: marine plants (Was: re what is an aquatic plant?!)

Boy, I sure jumped in with both feet!  I really didn't mean
to make George blush so.  =:)

 > >  From: steve rader <rader at teak_wiscnet.net>
 > >  flirt with the idea of a marine *plant* tank with just a tiny
 > >  few corals.  (But a marine plant tank filled with Caulerpa
 > >  would be boring and tropical plant tanks are *so* much cheaper
 > >  to maintain, easier to maintain and healther!)

 > From: mengerin at cs_utexas.edu
 > Caulerpa comes in hundreds of shapes and sizes and other algaes can
 > be maintained that are red.  It would look differently, but it is quite
 > nice if done right.  

I shoulda been more specific: I can walk into pet shops in any
reasonably sized city in the US and purchase over a dozen types
of tropical plants.  Sure, I see two or three types of Caulerpa
for sale all the time but I doubt there is *any* US city were I
can purchase 20+ types of marine plants.  (Folks with info to
the contrary: speak up!)  Thus, in general, I think the idea
of purchasing plants to create a diverse marine plant tank
just isn't possible.  And I think it's a shame--as you say,
a marine plant tank could be "quite nice".

(Granted: on the other hand, I have two friends leaving on
Pacific islands who conveniently collect stock for keeping very
nice marine tanks with tons of plants.)

 > However, George does have a point, this is a plant list and very rarely
 > do we talk about consciously applying ourselves to growing algae which is
 > what all of the above is.

Yes, but perhaps there is no discussion about growing marine
plants/algae because we can not purchase a large number of
different types of marine plants.  

I guess I was hoping someone would say: "call <Some Company>...
they will sell ya 20 types of marine plants."  In which case,
I could convince my wife to let me setup another tank!  =:)

Steve Rader
Network and Systems Manager
WiscNet--Internetworking for Wisconsin