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Diatom filter powder

In a message dated 98-01-01 04:14:30 EST, Jonathan writes:

<< I'm planning to get a Vortex but the LFS does not sell the refill powder. 
> It will take quite a while to special order it.
> Does anyone know of a good and effective substitute for diatom filter
> powder?  What about the advantages and disadvantages of using a substitute?
>  Can you use powder for a different brand of diatom filter on a Vortex? 
> Thanks and Happy New Year! >>
If you can't find diatomaceous earth at the LFS, try a local swimming pool
store.  All Diatomaceous earth is basically the same, and you should have no
problem with different brands, including pool filter stuff.  The pool stores
probably sell it in bigger packages, but I suspect the price per pound is

HEY- has anyone tried mixing this stuff into their substrate?  I should work
good for development of root hairs.

Bob Dixon